Monday, September 10, 2012

Melbourne Moments- Week 1

Damn, I did it again! The intervals between my blog posts are getting longer every time, and I'm hating it. I do want my blog to be active and have a fresh feeling all the time, but sometimes I just get plain lazy, and other time, words don't come to me very freely even though I do sit down with the laptop and will the post to write itself so that I can add something new to my blog that has been gathering dust for weeks.

So today, I decided I had had enough of that, and started thinking of ways I could ensure the blog is updated with new stuff at least every week, if not every couple of days. And so I came up with this idea:

Monday Melbourne Moments- Every Monday, i will (try to) post pictures of places I've been around Melbourne and interesting events/objects I've witnessed here. Since it will be pictorial, there won't be the pressure of shelling out meaningful sentences when I don't have much to say.

Friday Fiesta- Since I love eating, cooking and trying out new recipes, Fridays will be about food. I will try to post pictures and recipes of dishes I've recently cooked, or at least yummilicious dishes I've recently eaten around town.

And anything else I feel like sharing can be posted any other day of the week. Well, to get the ball rolling, since it's Monday here, here's a snapshot from one of my recent adventures around Melbourne:

Hubby (the one on the right) and I (beside him) with a couple of friends in front of Flinders Street Station
Till next Friday, adieu!