Friday, March 25, 2011

I, me and myself

A little more than 3 weeks into my new job and I've almost settled into my morning routine! Oh well, that is indeed a surprise! I, who firmly believed that the sole purpose of early morning sunshine and breeze was to enhance the depth of my morning slumber, have learnt to appreciate the calm serenity of the mild sunshine and the delightful spring breeze that plays with my tresses while I make my way to work through the ugly rush hour traffic of Dhaka city.Yes, the traffic is a huge turnoff, otherwise I pretty much like the Spring mornings right now !

Ever since I've joined my new job, the days seem to whiz right by without my noticing. The impatient weekdays swoop in before I'm done caressing the lovely weekends that enjoy bundling me up in their arms and whispering sweet lullabies to keep me snuggled up in my bed all day. The only activity I've been able to get done these past 3 weekends is lazying in and around my bed sharing stories from work with the hubby and stuffing my face with junk food while watching movies and cricket matches with friends. Oh, so the stayovers and lounging around with friends in PJs should count too. But what went grossly neglected was some quality 'me' time. Over the past few weeks, I don't think I was able to get a moment to myself, moments which I thoroughly enjoy and truly need in order my maintain my sanity around others. So today, I decided it was way too long overdue and so I shut myself up from the rest of the world with a magazine and treated myself to a heavenly pedicure. While my feet rejoiced at the feeling of having all the accumulated burden from the long-dead cells sloughed away, my soul enjoyed the quiet conversations with my heart while my brain sighed with relief at having a respite from the obligation to operate continuously without rest. Ahhh, it was a good Friday indeed!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Not Fair!

Life has not been fair to me recently. I started my new job with such high spirits only to be dampened just a  couple of weeks later by my health that decided it was time to act out and irritate my brains out. Two weeks into my job and I feel lightheaded all day at work. Can't focus on anything, can't stay on my feet for too long without feeling like I'm about to pass out and can't look at the computer for more than 5 minutes at a stretch. A visit to the doctor confirmed my friend old Anaemia is back along with very low blood pressure that causes the dizziness all day. Just what I needed, huh? Right now when I need to lose the stone I've gained after the wedding, I have to chow down bowls of fruits every three hours, and drink milk and have eggs every single day. I have to make sure I eat something every three hours and cannot skip a single meal. And yes, there's the added salt I need to bring my blood pressure to a normal level. Why????? Why does this have to happen to me?? Food, glorious food, that I love so much, has always been a double-edged sword for me. I eat them, I gain weight and turn into a fat blob of well, fat. I don't, I fall sick. I hate this. I hate this. I hate this. I don't think I'll ever be able to fit into those beautiful fitted tops I love to gorge my eyes on. I'll always be like this: plump and hopeless :(

Friday, March 11, 2011

A Day of Mixed Feelings

To say that I've gone through a plethora of emotions today would be an understatement. I woke up to horrific scenes of burning buildings and colossal tidal waves sweeping over Japan, and for the next couple of hours I witnessed on television how helpless humankind is when challenged by the wrath of nature. However, it was not long before I found my fingers working their way to the tv remote and switching to the nearest sports channel. Don't judge me please, but we Bangladeshis are very very very passionate about cricket and there's almost nothing in this world that can stop us from cheering for our Tigers when they are on the field. So for the last 8 hours, I kept switching between news and sports channels, cheering with each English wicket taken by our boys, speechless when the heart-wrenching images of Japan filled the screen, and praying....praying all day. Praying for our Tigers to reach the glory of victory, and praying for Japan to overcome this calamity as soon as possible. Well, my former wish just came true because the Bangladeshi Tigers defeated the English Lions at a very high-adrenaline match that had us biting our fingernails (not literally, ewww!!) till the very last minute. All my prayers now are for Japan. I pray for the lives that were lost in the devastating calamity, for the families who lost their precious ones, for the ones that are still missing and for the nation to find its ground once again. Japan, the whole world is praying for you. Don't give up. Keep the hope alive.


This is just a test post. I'm being unable to log in to my blog or read anyone else's blogs for some unknown weird reason.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Somebody destroy all those alarm clocks please!

The morning frenzy is back! The shrill alarm and its constant snoozing, the hurried showers, the rushed makeup, and the general anxiety of making it on time are all back, because I'm back to being employed!!! Yes, after seven months of luxurious leisure, I'm back to real life. I am thrilled about my new job, mainly because the role is completely new in the company and my job responsibilities are still to be properly devised. So I'll be the first ever 'Strategic Buyer- Media Buying' in  NestlĂ© Bangladesh Limited - yes the name's fancy too!

From what I've been able to gather so far, it's going to be very challenging because I'll have to handle a huge range of stakeholders very tactfully and work really hard to achieve the main objective of the job- saving the company's precious bucks as much as I can. Well, I still haven't been able to learn to save my own money, I hope the people who recruited me know what they're doing :P Another reason I'm very happy with this job is that I've worked in this company before. I was an intern there for 3 months and worked there for 5 more months later on. I know most of the people there, so I won't have to go through the trouble of tuning my frequency with those of my colleagues.

I'm excited about almost every aspect of the job, apart from the waking up in the morning. I've never been a morning person and I never can be- yes I've tried! And after seven months of waking up around noon, the mornings now seem more torturous than ever! I yearn to lie down in my bed for just one more minute even when I'm rushing out the door to start my day. The lovely sunshine does nothing to tear my thoughts away from my cozy bed, nor does the soothing breeze make me smile about the presence of beautiful Spring. It's only my first cup of coffee at work (Nescafe, of course) that shakes me up and makes me accept the harsh truth that I have a long day ahead of me and I better be alert. I thought of starting my mornings with yoga, because apparently it wakes up all your senses and is the healthiest way to start your day. But the yoga DVD lying on my bedside table looks like the least appealing thing in the morning and only reminds me that I still have some more of those precious momenta to indulge myself in la-la-land which are definitely not worth using on twisting my body into weird angles. Oh, what the heck, apparently sleeping is very healthy too!

Oh how I wish my mornings could be like this!

Anyways, I've rambled on for far too long about something that needs not too many words to explain...that I'm a lazy person and I always will be! So Bonne Nuit, world! My lovely bed beckons me and there I'll be till the cruel sunshine snatches me away from it tomorrow morning to start the long week ahead.