Tuesday, August 09, 2011

She thinks I'm a good egg even when I'm half-cracked

'A friend is a gift we give ourselves' I read somewhere. Boy, I sure know how to bag the best gifts around! I'm talking about my awesome friends who are more family and soul sisters than just friends. Friendship Day just went by so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce the people who rock my world day in and day out. So I thought, I'd do this one at a time since writing about all of them in just one post wouldn't do any of them any justice, because all of them are precious and unique in their own ways. I'll start off by talking about Shama, the girl whose wedding was the topic of my very first blog post (you can check it out here.)

I've known this girl for ever, but she didn't become my best friend until about ten years back. And once she did, she became my rock. Always more steady and matured than I am, I've counted on her to pull me back from the dumps I usually get myself into now and then, and she has never disappointed me. By nature, we're almost exact opposites. I am rash and impulsive, while she's steady and calm. I'm hot-tempered and brash at times, while she's always cool and collected. But I guess these differences are exactly what have brought us closer and over the years, I've looked up to her to be a sort of guiding angel. Being the fashionista that she is, she has also always been my fashion and beauty consultant, and as usual, she has pulled off all the responsibilities of this role with panache. 

The warm fuzzy feeling of having someone by your side, who has played 'dolls' tea-parties' with you, who was the first one to know about your first love, who held your hand and hugged you tight during your first heartbreak and was more than the 'maid of honour' at your wedding, is incomparable to any other feeling. I can't thank the Lord enough for sending a friend like Shama into my life. She is the substance that love and friendship is made up of, and I don't know what my life would be without her.


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