Saturday, July 02, 2011


The pace at which time passes by often catches me by surprise. It seems as if 2nd July 2010 happened just a few days back, when the hubby (who happened to be just The Boyfriend back then) and I exchanged rings and officially started our future together. I vividly remember how tense I was when Mom was finally about to bell the cat, i.e. tell my Dad about the boy in my life, and how relieved I felt when Dad was unexpectedly cool about it. I'm missing all the buzz that was going on around the house this time last year: the planning for the Engagement day, shopping for the outfits, the jewellery and the gifts for the to-be in-laws; fixing the venue and the decorations and menu for the big day. And D-day went by like a dream! Yes, those were fun times and it surprises me that a year has already passed by since then and so many things have changed, yet I feel like it was only yesterday.

This was us, this time, last year:


pRasad said...

You both make a beautiful couple..and you are looking adorable :)

May god bless you both :)

Scribblers Inc said...

Great pics...mubarak baat!:)

Scribblesr Inc.

Purple Butterfly said...

Thanks a lot both of you!

Rapuncela said...

You look every beautiful :)
perfect dress :))

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