Sunday, March 24, 2013


It's been a while since I've written here, and I can't even say I missed it much. There I was, one fine day in September, promising to give this blog the attention it deserves and then Boom! I was gone just like that. I have no reasonable explanation for this disappearance, besides the fact that, for a while, I just couldn't bear the thought of even looking at this blog, let alone, write something for it. Strange, I know!
But...right now, I'm here so let's not dwell on the how's and why's for too long...the sudden wish to write something again sprung out of the blue, and so I am here to give you an update of how life has been in Aussieland so far.
In one word, if I may, pretty-darn fantastic! The Hubby and I both managed to get somewhat satisfying and stable jobs around 6 months back, rented a tiny apartment of our own, went around Melbourne quite a bit and started to fall in love with this city bit by bit. We had a fabulous summer throughout which we visited beaches and festivals and all sorts of cheery places, and worked on turning our little flat as homely as possible. Our family and friends helped all throughout with generous donations like a bed, a bookshelf, kitchen appliances and whatnot. We are happy in this little house right now, the Hubby and I, and currently looking forward to welcoming my mother here who's supposed to visit in a few months, as well as a couple of our closest friends who will be moving to Melbourne and will be staying with us. Exciting times ahead, I tell you!

The only sad part, though, is that winter is on its way again, and I'm not looking forward to it one little bit. Melbourne winter just doesn't work for me, and if I wasn't looking forward to seeing my mother and my best friends, I would be really sad about the fast-approaching winter months.

Melbourne Autumn: picture from Google

Well...way too long an update for now....hopefully I'll be back later. Ciao!


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