Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

This week has been busy. In fact it's been the busiest week of my life, apart from the week of my own wedding a couple of months back, and it seems like I'll have my hands full for the next 7 days to come as well. And the source of all this busy-ness is the wedding of my best friend Shama. Her Holud was held yesterday (one of the events of a Bangladeshi wedding) where my husband Sunny and I performed dances we had choreographed (and rehearsed) to tell the story of Shama and Marzuq (her husband). For us, the friends, it was the perfect opportunity to dress up and let our hair down, dancing and photo sessions continued till midnight. Marzuq had his Holud today, in the comfort of his front lawn which was beautifully transformed with colorful fabrics and flowers in the brightest hues. Steaming finger foods and coffee complimented the chilly winter evening where my stylish Pashmina refused to suffice. But nothing, not even the outside temperature of 12 degrees Celsius, was enough to beat the excitement of attending my best friend's wedding out of me. After all, it's SHAMA's wedding.

If any one asks me who my best friend is, the response would automatically be Shama. Well, one of my best friends, technically, because I have 3 more, but she's definitely the oldest, not by age of course. She's the one I share my oldest memories with...memories of gleeful rides on swings, monopoly games, chocolate milkshakes and playing house. She's also one who was the first to know when I finally fell in love, when I decided to move to a different city after 18 years of living in one, when I decided to get married. Heck, she was always the first to know everything, all these years. And the first one to hold my hand whenever I had my heart broken. I cannot remember pulling through a difficult time without her by my side. A walk down memory lane tells me what an amazing friend she has been. To have a friend who's ready to stand by you come rain or shine, or even hail and thunder, is indeed one of the most precious gifts of life. And what's more amazing is when you have a friend you don't need to open your heart to, because she already knows what's going on in there. Shama really is all that and much more.

So, well, Shama and Marzuq's wedding ceremony will be held tomorrow. I know I'll be on my toes all day, getting my makeup done and taking pictures and walking Shama to the stage and attending guests. But I do know, that somewhere amidst all the rushed activities and chaotic bustle, I will find the time to take a long glance at my best friend, at her glowing cheeks and twinkling eyes, and thank God for blessing me with a friendship that has the strength to withstand anything and everything. And I will happily see her off to her new abode in Dhanmondi (even though it's miles away from my home in Uttara) knowing that no distance will ever be wide enough to to weaken our ties. So here's to my best friend Shama and her beautiful new beginning!


Saima said...

that is so touchy and thoughtful. beautiful piece. best wishes for the new bride and her best friend.


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Anonymous said...

Awwwww waz its so sweet!!

WarmSunshine said...

your frnd looks gorgeous!! :)
congrats to her!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I love your blog even though you haven't upload anymore. But thanks!

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