Saturday, April 02, 2011

Beautiful April Rain

You're pouring outside. You're pouring with unabashed might and vigour, snatching my attention from the final game of the ICC World Cup 2011. There's thunder too; lightning, thunder, the works. Best of all is the amazing breeze you've brought along, pushing its way through my thick curtains to cool my cheeks that have heated up from the excitement of watching the match. I'm so glad you came.

You, you do things to me. Sometimes you drench my heart with a melancholy that I just can't seem to shrug off easily; at other times, you refresh my soul and wash away the sludge of stress and disappointment that everyday life seems to pile on a regular basis. You're beautiful, I could sing love songs about you for hours. I love the grey clouds that carefully conceal you within themselves, keeping me guessing for hours till you finally decide it's time to grace my windowpane with your first droplet. I love the moist breeze that accompanies you, heavily laden (can I say 'pregnant'?) with your 'cool' presence and I love the freshness you leave behind in the world around me. I love how sometimes, when I'm asleep, you quietly walk outside my window and work your magic to push me into a deeper and more enjoyable slumber. I love how you make me crave for spicy warm comfort food like 'khichudi'.

Sometimes, you're outright cruel: making me want to listen to slow sad songs, tugging at the well-hidden strings of my heart to pull open the floodgate of memories I prefer not to let out and enveloping me with your greyness. That is cruel, I tell you. But I love you anyway, for all objects we love are cruel to us, some time or another. Such is my unconditional love for you.

I'm looking forward to see more of you in the upcoming days. No matter what kind of mood you get me in, you're always welcome on my window pane :) 


Linhy said...


Me-Era* said...

Lovely Post :)

Purple Butterfly said...

Thanks ladies :) So are you enjoying any April showers yet?

C'est Moi said...

Lovely, I have fallen in love with the rains, yet again,,,:)

Jack Burns said...

Did you take this photo? If yes, please write me.

Purple Butterfly said...

No Jack...I didn't take this photo. I got it from Google images.

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