Saturday, May 14, 2011


Christopher (our pet bunny) has this certain posture he likes to sit with when he's extremely happy, blissful I would say. He spreads his little paws as far as they will go and rests his snowy white belly on the floor and gazes into the distance as if he's pondering on matters crucial to the preservation of Mother Earth. He usually gets this blissful feeling after he's had a bowlful of juicy cucumbers which are gladly provided to him every couple of hours or so. It is a joy to watch him from afar when he's in his signature 'bliss' pose, delighted and content with the lavish care and attention he's showered with all throughout the day, and most of the night as well. His happiness in turn fills us with a warmth and tenderness that can hardly be described in words. 

I'm trying to figure out my own signature posture of bliss, because I can't help but feel utterly blissful right now. The weekend was spent in the company of a dear friend who stayed over,  and we three (hubby, buddy and I) spent a few magical hours laughing and joking and just being our eccentric selves that we luckily can be around each other. The hubby was somehow in a very 'helpful' mood all weekend, making pancakes with me in the kitchen and washing dishes, things he seldom likes to dirty his hands with. I spent an evening of guilt-free relaxation today with a rejuvenating massage with wonderful lotions and potions made from the purest ingredients possible. The warm bath that followed added to the wonderful feeling of detoxification and 'de-stressing', and now as I sit in my bedroom with the laptop on my bed, there's only one word to describe my feeling at this moment: bliss.


TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

sounds so perfect! Am CRAVING for something like this.. but am so caught up with work at office and other stuff at home :( i need a vacation for my mind.. wish i could send it off somewhere for a week!

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