Sunday, June 24, 2012

A New Beginning

There’s a reason I haven’t written in here in the past few weeks. It’s because I wanted to wait and share with you a piece of news that I’ve been long waiting to disclose . Remember I wrote about something big about to happen in my life here?

Well, it’s official now! I am moving from the crowded Dhaka to the exotically beautiful city of…..waitforit, Melbourne, Australia! Yes, it’s the very same Melbourne that made its way to the top of the list of the Most Livable Cities in the year 2011, only to be beaten by Vancouver in 2012. Still, the second most livable city in the world is no small feat either, won’t you say?
I cannot begin to tell you how extremely excited I am in anticipation of this huge upcoming change in my life. Moving to a whole new city, no, country, no wait, CONTINENT  is HUGE for me, a girl who has only ever been to two other countries  outside her own country, that too, only within Asia. 

This would be a whole new chapter in my life: minus my crappy job, minus the traffic-loaded dusty  streets of Dhaka and minus the pollution. But it will also exclude the warmth of the bed that I’m so accustomed to at my current home, the company of friends who take up a big part of my heart and the warmth of having my family close by, just within reach whenever I want them. I have never been away from family for too long, so I cannot imagine how  it would feel to not meet my mother every other day at least or discuss politics on the dinner table with Dad or go out with my brother for burger feasts every so often. I’m sure this will all take a little time to get used to, but I’m also sure I will hold on.

It all seems like such a grown up thing to do! Moving to a new city with my best friend (hubby dear of course!), looking forward to so many new beginnings: new jobs, our first home for just the two of us (we live with his family here) and Masters degrees for the both of us. I’m sure it won’t all be such smooth sailing, and I hope there will be challenges too, for I’m sure they’ll only teach me perseverance and resilience and in turn mould my character towards maturity and stability. And if we two have the both of us together, I know no obstacle will ever be daunting enough for us to want to give up.

Oh, one thing I’m terribly happy about is that I will once again be able live in a city beside the ocean. I used to live in Chittagong before which had a small but lovely beach, but for the past 7 years, I’ve been living in Dhaka which is nowhere near a beautiful water body….this, I totally loathed. And now, it’s going to be Melbourne with its beautiful sunny beaches, I can’t imagine a better place to live in!

Well, I have just about 12 days left till the moving….gosh!!! I’ll have sooooo many things to tell you in the upcoming days, no, months, because of course I would love for you all to see the sights that I see and experience with me all the new things I come across in this new land. So, stick in here with me then, won’t you please?


Anonymous said...

Hello PB.....I gather you've moved already, so welcome to Oz. Hope you've sort of settled in by now.
Guess you'ree loving grey and rainy Melbourne - the city where it's said that one can experience all 4 seasons in one day.
Not so here in the West of Oz, where every season gets it's turn and the sun shines at least 8 hours a day. So if and when you wanna, follow the sun, experience some gorgeous weather, long hot summers and beautiful beaches.......head West - it's not very far from where U are.
Actually, Melbourne's a great place to live and once you get used to the'll love it.
Good lucj and all the very best......L

br|sh said...

pohochne key baad ka post kidhar hai jee?

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