Friday, February 25, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

A little more than just a month since I've stepped into the blogosphere, and someone has already been generous enough to give me a Stylish Blog Award!!! Thank you so much for this gesture Reenie :) It really made me extremely happy!!

 Ok, so apparently there are some rules for accepting this award, and they go like this :

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pay it forward to 15 great bloggers.

Since I've already thanked Reenie, here are the seven things about myself:

1. I love dancing! I don't care that I can't seem to be able to pick up the cool moves, I just love swaying with my body and heart and soul, when the music is right!

2. I am a foodie! I adore food, and the extra pounds that keep adding to my body almost every other month can never take me away from my love for food!

3. My favourite weekend activity is lounging at home in my PJs with a bunch of girly magazines :)

4. My dream holiday destination is Greece. From a very young age, Greece has fascinated me with my absolutely breathtaking beauty and culture steeped in history. I hope I can make my way to Greece some day real soon.

5. I was known as a tomboy in school, because I always had very short hair and never got along much with girls. Thankfully, my femininity has come a long way since then :P

6. I suffer from several phobias: arachnophobia(fear of spiders), arithmophobia(fear of numbers), acrophobia(fear of heights) and zoophobia (fear of animals).

7. For a long time, I dreamed of becoming a host for a travel channel. Right now, that dream seems to slip further and further away, but I think I'll keep it alive in some corner of my heart, in case I ever find a way to live the cherished dream.

Now, I'd like to pass on this award to 8 cool people with very stylish blogs. I know the rule asks for 15 people, but I'm still new to the world of blogging, so my circle is still quite small. So here goes:

1. Anna at A Jobless Muse in her London Shoes

2. Warm Sunshine at The Perfect Line

3. Reenie at Reenie's Scribbles

4. Chandana at A cup of coffee and a spark of madness

5. Mia at Que Sera Sera

6. Meh A Star Without A Name

7. Rukman at Live-Love-Dressup

8. Brish at Perfumed by B

I hope you people pay these blogs a visit, for you will definitely enjoy the read :)


Mia Mirza said...

Thank You so much!!! I hope you get your dream some day soon =)

Meh said...

Aww..thanks for tagging me!

I was a big fan of Discovery's Lonely Planet and wanted to be a travel show host too!

Chandana said...

Congrats to you! And thank you so much :)
And funny fact.. even i have ALL of those fears.. hehe...

Anonymous said...

Hey, thank you!

I am show-casing my awards every two weeks on my blog [if there's any, that is] so as not to overwhelm myself with awards at one time... don't feel forgotten, it may be a while- but it'll go there :)

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