Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Return to Innocence

Shoily, one of my four best friends had her birthday yesterday. Being the most vivacious among us all, it was no surprise that she wanted a big colourful bash to celebrate her last birthday as an engaged woman before she ties the knot this summer. And what a party it was! Forever a little girl at heart, Shoily planned her party to be a refreshing blast from the past, with Winnie the Pooh and Barbie themed decorations all around the place. Balloons and confetti in happy colours added to the cheery atmosphere. It was hard to tell whether the birthday girl was really turning 24 or just 4! :) To actually relive our childhood memories of birthday parties, we played games like Pillow Passing and Statue Dancing, which were both super duper hits!!  The sight of a bunch of twenty-somethings all hyped up to pass on the pillow to the next person as quickly as possible just to stay in the game a wee bit longer may have been hilarious to the bystanders watching the game, but hey, it was HUGE fun! For a while, it was like everyone had forgotten about the mundane responsibilities of adult life and we were just kids, whose only worry in life at that point was to scurry the pillow to the next person or to muffle the bouts of laughter that tried to push their way from deep inside us while we tried to stand as still as statues!  It was hard to tell that just a couple of hours ago, most of us present there (not me, I’m still unemployed) had been slaving away at some boring desk job or other. For once, everyone forgot to complain about nagging bosses; there was no talk about big wedding plans, and I, after a long time, forgot to worry about the future. For a couple of hours, we were the kids we had forgotten we used to be. Life will never be as simple as our childhood again, but I guess, it helps to let go of the worries sometimes and try to relive the innocence some way or the other. I know it helped me.
Try it, it takes away a lot of the stress!
P.S. I won my first ever prize in a raffle draw (at the party, of course, and no, being best friends with the birthday girl had nothing to do with this!) after years of futile attempts at numerous events. Here it is, my cute Winnie the Pooh coffee mug. Seems like my daily cups of will be all the more enjoyable from now onwards :)

Stay from the party coming up in a couple of days!


Chandana said...

How cute! Am a BIG BIG BIG fan of winnie the pooh... :)
Its nice to escape into childhood fun once in a while. Gives a refreshing break from the hectic lives that we all lead..
Waiting for the rest of the pics! :)

Purple Butterfly said...

Hi Chandana! The pics aren't still in my hand, hope to get some tomorrow :) Hope you have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

I started to like Winnie once I was well-past childhood. Now I find myself quoting random WtP quotes every now and then :).

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